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Which charger do i need?

Do you want to buy a new charger? Then it is important that you buy the right charger that suits your smartphone. This sounds very logical, of course, but it is more difficult than you think. Nowadays there are countless chargers, which does not make the choice any easier. Which chargers are there exactly? To begin with, you have different chargers for Apple products and Android products. It is therefore not possible to charge your Android phone with an Apple charger or vice versa. From the iPhone 5, all iPhone are equipped with a Lightning connection. This makes buying an iPhone charger easier. You really can't go wrong! This is a bit more complicated with Android phones. Most new Android devices are equipped with a USB-C connection. Cheaper and older Android devices are equipped with a Micro-USB connection. One way to keep these two connections apart is by the way you plug the chargers into your device. A USB-C connection is symmetrical, so you can no longer insert the charger the wrong way around in your device. He fits in every way. A Micro-USB connection has a unique shape, so that the charger only fits in your smartphone in one way. Nowadays there are of course also new technologies, which means there are even more possibilities. For example, there are chargers available that have fast charging. You can charge your smartphone at lightning speed, but please note, not every smartphone is suitable for this. Finally, it has also been possible to charge your phone wirelessly for a while. A super handy technology where you no longer need cables! Again, not every smartphone supports wireless charging.

Which charger for an iPhone?

Fortunately, purchasing a new iPhone charger is not that complicated. Nowadays all iPhones are equipped with a Lightning connection. Because of this you can not actually make the mistake of buying the wrong iPhone charger. In addition, it also saves you costs and it is sustainable! When you buy a new iPhone, you don't need a new charger every time. You can continue to use your old charger. Another additional advantage is that you can easily share chargers with people, if they have an iPhone of course. In your own home you can share chargers with your partner or children, but you can also borrow the charger when you are visiting friends and the same also applies to colleagues when you are at the office. Super handy!

Lightning cable

Which charger for an Android?

Don't have an iPhone? Then you probably have an Android phone. These smartphones run on an Android operating system. These are smartphones from Samsung, Huawei and Motorola, among others. Do you want the full list of works? Then go to the FAQ at the bottom of this article.


Buying the right Android charger can sometimes be a bit difficult. Not surprising, because there are so many different Android phones. Some are brand new, others are several years old, and some may date back to the early days of Android. But which charger is suitable for Samsung or another Android phone? For a number of years now, almost all Android phones have been equipped with a USB-C connection. Before that, Micro USB was the norm, before Mini USB and before that the connection even differed per telephone. Because the connection has constantly changed in recent years, there are many telephones in circulation that all have a different connection. That is why it is important that you check in advance which connection your smartphone has. You can find this in the specifications of your smartphone.


USB C cable


Which adapter do I need?

A charger not only includes a cable, but also an adapter. But what is an adapter and which adapter for your phone do you need? Simply put, you use an adapter to power your phone. The adapter is connected to the wall socket and takes voltage and power from it. The adapter then ensures that the correct amount of voltage and current enters your phone. Do you want to buy a new adapter? Then it is smart to purchase an original adapter. This is an adapter of the brand itself, so for example from Apple, Samsung or Huawei. Then you can be sure that you are buying an adapter that supplies the correct input voltage (input) and output voltage (output). These adapters are in most cases suitable for all models within the brand itself. You can therefore charge your own Samsung Galaxy S10 with this adapter, but also the Samsung Galaxy A51 of your partner.


Wireless charging

Nowadays it is also possible to charge your phone wirelessly. But what is wireless charging, and will it work with any phone? To begin with, it is useful to know what wireless charging is exactly. It is a process involving electrical energy through a magneti